Husband and Wife duo, Brian and Jennifer, are the owners of Foothill Gym and the founders of The Bikini Bootcamp Company. Brian is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer and Contest Prep Coach. Jennifer is a Pro Bikini & Figure competitor and mother of 3 Boys who leads by example. Together, with a team of top coaches, they are the Bikini Bootcamp Company.


Kimberley is a professional dancer and fitness competitor that has been working in the dance and fitness industry for over 10 years. She has managed multiple fitness gyms/facilities in the Los Angeles area and has achieved awards and national fitness titles such as “Ms Los Angeles Sport Model”. As a proud mother of three, Kimberley strives to create quick and effective workouts for the busy lifestyle. Her philosophy in fitness is to aim for “progression” and not “perfection”, practicing self-acceptance and self-love along the way to your dream body! 

Justas is a Lithuanian-American who's passion is to help change people's lives through fitness. He has been working in the fitness industry since 2005 and has won multiple fitness competitions in Bodybuilding. He is an all around athlete who started out his fitness journey as a BMX race competitor which soon lead to martial arts, track and field, and football. For Justas, fitness was a way to escape the hardships of life. He focuses on mindset management and the psychology behind behavioral changes to help motivate clients to achieve their goals. 


Savannah was a star athlete all her life. Playing soccer for 18 years. In high school she played varsity all 4 years and was captain of the team.

She continued throughout college at the University of New Mexico where she was a Division 1 student-athlete and 4 year Scholar-Athlete. All while earning her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies.

She is currently enrolled in Azusa Pacific University working on her Masters in Leadership with emphasis in Sports Management. Graduating December 2019.

Savannah is a National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Soccer Coach for her former high school, Bikini Bootcamp Coach and a Personal Trainer at Foothill Gym. Her life quote “Always train like an athlete”.


Oksana Dyka-Almonte was born in Ukraine, and danced ballroom throughout her younger years. She was also an avid runner and was part of her university track team running long distance. She continued her passion in dancing after moving to the United States in 2006 studying and performing in Flamenco. Although Oksana has always been fit and active, she had always admired the athletic form and body, and set a goal to achieve that look and ultimately compete in bodybuilding. That goal was made possible with Foothill Gym to guide her on proper nutrition and on how to navigate the competition circuits. Her first competition took place in 2016, eighteen months after her son was born, and she has since completed multiple times in the INBF, OCB and NPC in the bikini divisions.


Danny @justdanny7 had battled for years with his weight. In 2010 he joined Foothill Gym weighing in at 200 lbs, and he was determined to turn change that. Not only did he achieve his goal to lean out, but he went even further and stepped on stage in the Mens Physique Division at the NPC West Coast Classic in 2011. 
He passion in fitness led him to become a Group X instructor at Foothill Gym, and a Bikini Bootcamp Coach. 
Some of Danny’s favorite things are “Leg Day!!” and running marathons in his free time. Lots of marathons!


Monica is a Yoga Alliance certified RYT500 Yoga Instructor with 7 years’ experience in the fitness industry. 
In addition to teaching Yoga, Spin, Bikini Bootcamp, Body Sculpt and Mat Pilates, she delivers presentations on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction in the workplace. Monica has worked on the production teams for various yoga and fitness events including Wanderlust, Wellspring, and Bhakti Fest. She is a dedicated health advocate, encouraging fitness and conscious living as lifelong endeavors for optimal health and wellness. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, and a mother of 2. — with @monicalovesyoga 



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