Brian is the owner of Foothill Gym and The Bikini Bootcamp Company. Brian is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer and Contest Prep Coach.

Brian does the Nutrition for the program.

A long time competitor, Brian won the Mr Las Vegas Title, Mr Muscle Beach and the Irish National Championships (Mr Ireland). In 2021 Brian took 1st in The MuscleContest Excalibur and 2nd in The Master's USA.



Oksana Dyka-Almonte was born in Ukraine, and danced ballroom throughout her younger years. She was also an avid runner and was part of her university track team running long distance. She continued her passion in dancing after moving to the United States in 2006 studying and performing in Flamenco. Although Oksana has always been fit and active, she had always admired the athletic form and body, and set a goal to achieve that look and ultimately compete in bodybuilding. That goal was made possible with Foothill Gym to guide her on proper nutrition and on how to navigate the competition circuits. Her first competition took place in 2016, eighteen months after her son was born, and she has since completed multiple times in the INBF, OCB and NPC in the bikini divisions. Most recently winning The Masters USA December 2021.